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More than 14 percent of Americans employed full and part-time report heavy drinking, which is defined as five or more drinks on five or more days in the past 30 days. The heaviest drinking occurred among persons between the ages of 18 and 25 years. About 30 percent of those that reported frequent drinking also reported repeated drug use.

Construction workers (15.6%), sales personnel (11.4%), food preparation, wait staff, and bartenders (11.2%), handlers, helpers, and laborers (10.6%) and machine operators and inspectors (10.5%) reported the highest rates of current illicit drug use. Protective service workers reported the lowest rate of current drug use (3.2%).

Financial Effects

Substance abuse has financial implications for any business. Each year, American employers share the burden of more than $100 billion in unnecessary expenses as the result of drug use in the workplace.

Drug and alcohol users have, on average, 300-percent great medical expenses than a non-substance abuser. Alcoholism causes 500 million lost workdays each year.

Industries Served

  • Manufacturing
  • Refineries
  • Construction and building trades
  • Unified School Districts
  • City and County Governments
  • Colleges and Universities
  • Court-Ordered Foster Care Services
  • Department of Transportation
  • Oil and Natural Gas Facilities
  • Grain Production and Farming
  • Food Processing and Packaging
  • Power and Utility Companies
  • Personal
  • Legal

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